Meeting the Future In-Laws

Wedding day of 11-12-13…lucky?–abc-news-lifestyle.html?vp=1

Hints for the best man

A Six Point Dummy’s Guide to the Best Man Speech The best man has so many things to worry about – getting the groom the ceremony on time, not losing the wedding ring, and, perhaps worst of all – standing up in front of the entire wedding party to give your “best man speech.” As… Read more »

Out of the blue…

This past Tuesday morning I received a call from Gianluca.  He was visiting Key West from Rome and he and Daniella wanted to get married…today! I met them at the court house where they had already obtained the marriage license…whisked them off to the beach where we had their ceremony.  A good time was had… Read more »

Advice on writing your own vows…Aaron’s Key West Weddings

While I have a set of vows in my prepared ceremony, I always encourage couples to write their own.   I think the vows I wrote are fantastic…because I wrote them, but the ones you will write to once another will have more meaning since you know each other better than I do!!  If you… Read more »

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