Marriage Licenses

How to Obtain Your Marriage License in Key West

gettingstarted_romanticTo secure a marriage license from the county courthouse in Key West, go to 500 Whitehead Street (Monday through Friday – 8:30 to 5:00), the Lester Building 305-292-3458. Wherever you are staying, the courthouse is nearby because we are on a very small island.

  • No medical tests are required.
  • Anyone 18 or older can get married.
  • There is no waiting period if both parties are out of state residents.

If you are Florida residents, you may obtain a license at your local county clerk’s office, as well as here in Key West. There is a 3-day waiting period for Florida State residents.gettingstarted_waiting

The license cost is $86.00 and is valid for 60 days from the effective date. Payment can be made by personal check, cash, cashier’s check, or money order. No credit cards accepted.

Make sure you have valid photo identification when going for your marriage license (passport, driver’s license, etc., military ID, alien registration card)

If either party has previously been married, please bring a copy of the divorce decree at the time of application if divorce is within the last six months. If longer than six months, the exact date of divorce is required.

If a death was involved, the exact date of death is also required. If within the last six months, the court requires a copy of the death certificate.