Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers are a timeless wedding tradition as well as a way to show off your personal style. Need some tips for choosing your wedding flowers? We’re here to help:

Set a budget

Before you get started, sit down with your fiancé and discuss your flower budget. Many couples set aside around 8 percent of their total wedding budget for flowers, but the amount is up to you. A larger budget will allow for more elaborate designs, whereas couples on a smaller budget may choose arrangements with more greenery to cut costs.

Consider your venue

Pick wedding flowers that complement your venue and overall décor. For example, elegant white orchids go best with a formal ballroom setting, and wildflowers look great in more rustic weddings.

Think about season

Some flowers are only available at certain times of year. Choose wedding flowers that complement the season.

Pick a good florist

Ask other couples which florist they used and peruse wedding review sites. Keep in mind that good florists tend to book six to eight months in advance.

Know your stuff

When it’s time for your appointment with the florist, read up on types of flowers and arrangements so you’re able to ask the right questions.

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