How to Choose Wedding Ceremony Music

Choosing the right wedding ceremony music is key to setting the mood of your wedding. Here’s our guide for how to pick the right tunes:

Know the parts of your ceremony

You’ll need to select music for three parts of your ceremony:

  • Preludes: Light, ambient music that plays while guests are finding their seats and waiting for the ceremony to begin. Start your prelude music when the doors to your venue open.
  • Processional: This music accompanies the entrance of the families, wedding parties and bride. Use the same music for the entire processional, or switch to a new song for the bride.
  • Recessional: Typically bright, lively and joyful, recessional music plays at the conclusion of the ceremony as you make your exit from the altar area.

Consider your venue

A religious venue may require you to select from a pre-approved list of songs. Other venues will approve any music as long as it’s instrumental, whereas others have an anything-goes attitude. Make sure you know your venue’s policy before you get attached to any particular songs.

Make it unique

Do you and your fiancé or fiancée have any artists or songs that are special to you? Pick ceremony music that is unique to you and your love.

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