2019 Must-Know Wedding Trends

Planning a 2019 wedding? Congrats! We suggest wowing your guests by throwing a stylish celebration!

Here are some of the top 2019 must-know wedding trends:

Wedding Trend 1: Modern Metallics

Looking for an of-the-moment hue for place settings, invitations and more? Copper is in for 2019. This pinkish-orange-gold color is super versatile, not to mention gorgeous. It’s got an ultra-modern, industrial vibe to boot.

Wedding Trend 2: Fluid Color Schemes

Put those Pantone chips away. In 2019, brides and grooms are letting go of the ultra-matchy color schemes and opening up their weddings to a wider variety of hues. Instead of specifying “emerald green and goldenrod,” for example, 2019 will see more fluid “greens and golds.”

Wedding Trend 3: Event Branding

You don’t need a marketing degree to make this 2019 wedding trend work. All it means is choosing a common design element—geometric shapes, custom illustrations, color-blocking, etc.—and using it on save the dates, invitations and in the wedding décor itself.

Wedding Trend 4: DIY Food Stations

Make dinner fun for your guests with do-it-yourself stations like make-your-own sundaes for dessert.

Wedding Trend 5: Mix-and-Match Bridal Party Attire

Making all your bridesmaids or groomsmen wear the same thing is no longer a requirement. In keeping with 2019’s mix-and-match vibe, give your bridal party a general color scheme and let them pick their own outfits, or pick a handful of styles for them to choose from.

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